MIDAS Travel reveals brand update

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MIDAS Travel launches new website as part of brand repositioning within business travel sector.

As the travel industry re-emerges from the global pandemic, MIDAS Travel takes the opportunity for a brand update; including a renewed proposition and digital refresh to better reflect its premium travel management service.

The primary proposition, ‘Premium business travel’ provides a simplified description of the service offering, with particular focus on the higher level of execution and personalisation it offers clients.

The vision, ‘taking care of the journey’ brings together the travel experience and the wider service provided to multiple travel personas; including travellers, bookers, finance and HR functions.

The mission, ‘making corporate travel better for everyone, and keeping business moving’ reflects the core purpose of the brand and the role it plays in supporting client businesses in achieving their goals.

With the addition of a new graphical element, a circled ‘M’, the logo embraces the heritage yellow and purple colours of the original MIDAS Travel brand. With a nod to the past, and looking towards the future with digitalised greys and blues, the new colour palette is synonymous with positivity, trust, calm, wisdom and luxury.

Updated company values, ‘Move forwards. Inspire others. Drive change. Achieve trust. Succeed together.’ acknowledge the MIDAS Travel name and bring to life the service promise and team commitment.

Commenting on the brand update, Managing Director Dave Sullivan said “We are a people business and always will be. But we felt it was time to embrace a digital strategy that would better reflect the premium business travel service we continue to deliver for our clients.”

For any press and media enquiries, contact Ceri Edwards | c.edwards@midas-travel.com

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