MIDAS Travel named a leading UK TMC by BTN Group

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MIDAS Travel once again featured in the UK top 50 Travel Management Companies (TMC’s).

The BTN Group releases its official list of leading TMC’s, as MIDAS Travel retains it’s ranking.

Following a very challenging period for the travel industry, the publication of the list comes at a time when business travel in particular is gaining momentum again, with pent up demand for face-to-face interaction.

MIDAS Travel is proud to be featured in the leading TMC list and “would like to thank our partners, suppliers and clients whose support remains invaluable…

With special mention to our team who have proven their passion and dedication to delivering an unwavering premium travel service throughout”.

Whilst international travel begins to re-emerge, the wider community continues to come together in support. MIDAS Travel is looking to the future with positivity and excitement.

To find out how MIDAS Travel is ‘taking care of the journey’, then speak with a member of the team on 020 7440 5300 or email hello@midas-travel.com

For any press and media enquiries, contact Ceri Edwards | c.edwards@midas-travel.com

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